Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Statistical Methods in Geography -I    B.Sc.
2    Statistical Methods in Geography -II    B.Sc.
3    References of Iran Geography    B.Sc.
4    Probability and Statistics II    B.Sc.
5    Population Geography of Iran    B.Sc.
6    Rural Planning in Iran - Tantamount Dissertation    B.Sc.
7    Population Analysis in Urban Planning    M.Sc.
8    English Papers of Rural Geography    M.Sc.
9    Statistical Methods in Geography -I    B.Sc.
10    Statistical Methods in Geography -II    B.Sc.
11    Population Geography of Iran    B.Sc.
12    English Papers in Human Geography - I    B.Sc.
13    English Papers in Human Geography - II    B.Sc.
14    Rural Planning in Iran-Equal to Thesis    B.Sc.
15    Methods of Analyzing Population    B.Sc.
16    Rural Economy    B.Sc.
17    Research Methods in Rural Planning    B.Sc.
18    Population Analysis in Urban Planning    M.Sc.
19    Specialized Texts    M.Sc.
20    Spatial Analysis of Urban – Rural Relations    M.Sc.
21    Environmental Studies in Rural Planning    M.Sc.
22    Rural Planning With Concentration on Iran    M.Sc.
23    Economic Geography of Iran Villages    M.Sc.
24    Research Methods in Geography    M.Sc.
25    Applied Statistics    M.Sc.
26    School of Thought and Theoretical Foundation of Development in Rural Planning    M.Sc.
27    Modeling Technology of Decision Making and Policy in Rural Planning of Iran    Ph.D
28    Theoretical Foundations of Policy and Spatial Planning of Rural Entrepreneurship    Ph.D
29    Methods and Techniques of Spatial and Environmental Quality Planning in Rural Areas    Ph.D