Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Assessment of the effects of rural conductor designs and their function on rural skeletonic development(case study: jahrom township)    M.Sc.    akbari, mohamad hasan    0000-00-00
2    the role of participiation on sustainablity of rural economic            0000-00-00
3    Survey the quality level of tourism and its impact on attracting tourists in rural areas            0000-00-00
4    The Study of the role of Agriculture in rural development Case Study: Miyankangi district in Sistan    Ph.D    ,    2007-12-10
5    The Stability Of Population in Rural Habitations of Mashhad With Focus on Diversification Approach to Economic Activities.    Ph.D    ghasemi, maryam    2009-01-29
6    Analysis affecting factors of people    Ph.D    taghilo, Ali akbar    2010-06-18
7    The barriers of women participitation in the process of rural development ,the case study:darzab dehestan    M.Sc.    ahmadzadeh, sahar    2010-09-21
8    Analysis of Role Fertility Rate and literacy Levels on the Economic Participation of Rural Women,CaseStudy: Central Part of Kerman.    M.Sc.    KHOSRAVI, HALIMEH    2010-11-15
9    The role of social capital in stability the rural economy :A case study Jafar Abad district of Qom    M.Sc.    Zarei, Abolfazl    2011-03-10
10    Review physical effects housing loans on development rural areas    M.Sc.    bonyaddasht, aboulghasem    2011-06-10
11    Role in the development of sustainable agricultural farming systems operate using a hierarchical analysis of sector Kadkani Torbat    M.Sc.    hatami nejad, hojat    2012-02-04
12    Site Selection for agronamic dry farming crops by the application of AHP method based on GIS technology for rural sustainable development (case study: Razaviyeh district-Mashhad)    M.Sc.    hatami nejad, hojat    2012-02-04
13    The role of education in the empowerment of rural womenrural city of Mashhad    M.Sc.    amiri, touran    2012-02-06
14    assessment the effects of implementation of issuing the ownership documents on the rural regions development(Case study: Eghlid county)    M.Sc.    sadeghi boogar, mohammad shafie    2012-02-07
15    The survey of social and economic effects of second homes Turism(Case study:Torghabe-Shandiz county)    M.Sc.    khoshchehre, mohammadjavad    2012-02-07
16    Survey of social and economic and environmental consequences of Industrial Estate on rural areas (Case study: Industrial Estate of Chenaran)    M.Sc.    bahrami, soltan    2012-02-07
17    The analytic study of preventive factors in agricultural development in rural areas    Ph.D    Khosrobeigi, Reza    2012-06-17
18    Investigate the facilities and barriers of economic diversification activities in border villages Case Study; County of Marivan    Ph.D    kohnepushi, seyed hadi    2012-10-17
19    The evaluation of rate implementation the Objectives the design    M.Sc.    foadi, fatemeh    2012-12-30
20    TThe role of micro-credit (Housing Loans) on Rural Sttellement Development. (Case Study : Central District Neyshabor County)    M.Sc.    hossein nataj arabi, samaneh    2013-01-06
21    Analysis Economical and Social Effects Cultivate of Saffron in Rural Development (Bakharz County ,Balavelayat Dehestan)    M.Sc.    shikhahmade, fahemeh    2013-01-06
22    The Posibility Of Estabilishing Transformatory Agricultural In Cultivation And Horistic Section    M.Sc.    arcac, zinab    2013-01-06
23    The Comparative Survey Of Economic and social Effects of Agricultural Exploitatian Systems in Rural areas (case stady: , Paein rokh Dehestan Of Torbat Heydarieh County    M.Sc.    nejatimoghaddam, zahra    2013-02-13
24    Analyzing Challenges of Rural Development in the Process of Globalization from Future Studies Perspective. Case of Khorasan Razavi Province.    Ph.D    sabounchi, zohre    2013-03-11
25    Analysis of Rural Production Cooperative and its role on the sustainable agricultural development Case study: District of Naishabour, Khorasan Razavi Province    Ph.D    hadizadeh bazaz, maryam    2013-03-16
26    Analysis Economic and Social Impacts of Sugar Factories on Rural Development: A Case Study: Fariman Sugar Factory    M.Sc.    shermohamadealiakbrkhane, sedeghe    2013-03-16
27    The Functional Spatial Analysis of Health Services in Tabadkan Dehestan (Central District of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    qajarpiir, somayh    2013-03-16
28    Analysis role bulgaria tourism in the rural economy development on based of the holy Bekaa (Case study: villages in the miqat Reza of Razavi Khorasan province)    M.Sc.    mahmudy, hamide    2013-03-16
29    Analysis of Non-Agricultural Activities Entrepreneurship Role in Improving the Quality of Rural Life, Case Study : Shandiz District    M.Sc.    Noorbakhsh Razmi, zahra    2013-05-27
30    The analysis socialeconomicalandecologicaleffects of cultivating pistachio in rural development (Case study:centralpart of Sabzevar county)    M.Sc.    alizadeh dowlat abady, lida    2013-05-27
31    Investigating the effect of social and economical conditioes on rural housing . Case study: kavir Dehestan    M.Sc.    hadadpour, hasan    2013-05-27
32    Analysis of small cities fanctions on rural regions development (case study: the central part ofthe city.Harsin)    M.Sc.    akbari, homaioon    2013-09-18
33    Evaluate the Effects of Industrial towns on Social Economic and Environmental issues Development in Rural areas (Case Study: Industrial town of Gorgan 2)    M.Sc.    yousefi, nasim    2013-09-18
34    study of the rule of participation of rural peoples in implementation process of Rural Guidance Plans in Dashtestan County    M.Sc.    musavi, mahdiyeh    2013-09-18
35    Investigating the effects of migration in rural development (case study : Fazl Dehestan of Nishabor)    M.Sc.    SHOBERI, ABOLFAZL    2013-09-18
36    Investigation of Challenges and social ،economic impacts of agricultural land endowment in rural development (case study: Nishabor County)    M.Sc.    Amini, Akram    2013-12-07
37    Investigating Of Obstacle And Challenges Of Rural Development In Border Areas ، Case Study: Sangan District Khaf County.    M.Sc.    mahdavifar, gholamreza    2013-12-07
38    The study Lifestyle changes and the Effects on rural housing model (Case Study ؛ Bakharz County).    M.Sc.    riyahi kordiani, abolfazl    2014-03-17
39    Investigating the effects of communication infrastructures (road and ICT) on the quality of life (Case study: villages of joghatay county)    M.Sc.    Oroji, Atefeh    2015-02-14
40    Investigating the role of literacy in social and economic development of rural areas, A case study: Hokmabad Dehestan, Jovin county    M.Sc.    Sanaeefard, Gholamhassan    2015-04-27
41    Studying and analyzing the capacities of entrepreneurship development in rural areas (case study: Villages in the central part of Mahvelat city )    M.Sc.    najari abdol abadi, Maryam    2015-06-16
42    Analysis of the role΄s dams in crisis Urmia Lake and the surrounding rural settlements and offering operational solutions ( Case study Sufi chy catchment)    Ph.D    sadeghi, fakhri    2015-09-20
43    Analysis the Effects of Rural Furniture on Improving the Quality of the Physical Environment (Case Study: Zoeram Dehestan, Shirvan)    M.Sc.    azizi, soraya    2015-12-13
44    The Role of NGOs ‎ in the of Socio- Economic Empowerment of Rural Women (Case Study: ‎Roshtkhar County).‎    Ph.D    javani, khadije    2015-12-23
45    Analysis of structural factors influencing innovation in the entrepreneurship process in rural areas    Ph.D    darban astaneh, mohammad reza    2016-01-27
46    Assessing the Sustainability of Rural settlements with emphasis on the role of Religion (Case Study: county Khaf)    M.Sc.    arabtaimori, yaser    2016-05-23
47    Geomorphic Impacts of Mining on Mish Abkhor catchment, Khorramabad County    M.Sc.    toolabi, rahim    2016-07-02
48    The Spatial analysis of Cultural Intelligence of Rural Managers and its impact on their Task and Contextual Performance (Case Study: Mashhad County)    Ph.D    ahmadzadeh, sahar    2016-07-19
49    Explaining the local-spatial impact of social capital on rural development (Case study: Bojnord County)    Ph.D    Ghorbani, Ali    2016-10-26
50    Evaluation and Analysis of Implementations of Reroganization Plan Services Distribution System in Rural area of mashhad township    Ph.D    katebi, majidreza    2017-01-03
51    Design a Pattern for sustainable development of rural tourism destinations based on Approach of spatial planning (preparation) ;Case Study: East of Mazandaran Province    Ph.D    ah, roumiani    2017-01-31
52    Analyzing the role of agro tourism in rural sustainable development (case study area: Torbat Heydariye    M.Sc.    GHANDEHARI, ELHAM    2017-03-06
53    Analysis of factors affecting food security of the Rural families, Case study: Balavelayat dehestan,torbat heydarie county    M.Sc.    seyedolhosseini, sima    2017-03-06
54    The Study and analyze the effects of political divisions on rural settlements sustainably (case study:firozeh county (    Ph.D    shamsayi, amin allah    2017-03-08
55    Analysis of Factors Affecting on non-farm rural livelihood diversification(Case Study: Bakharz County)    M.Sc.    abdolghadery, salman    2017-04-24
56    Analyze the effects of tourism development on the land prices in rural areas In the period of 1385 - 1396 (Case Study: Torqhabeh and shandiz districts -Binalud township)    M.Sc.    saadati, reyhaneh    2017-05-22
57    Study and analysis of effect of social and economic factors on the quality of the rural housing(Case Study :Radkan Dehestan 'Chenaran County).    M.Sc.    Masomy Nejad, Ali    2017-06-12
58    Analyzing the effective factors in rural physical landscape change in margin of mashhad metropolis (case study area: northern peripheral rurral of mashhad)    M.Sc.    ahmadi, sodabeh    2017-10-16
59    Investigatin the Factors affecting on the evolution of rural housing pattern (case study: gonabad Central District, Suburban)    M.Sc.    salarbashi shahri, sajedeh    2018-01-22
60    The Future Studies of the Development of Agritourism Entrepreneurial Business in Rural Regions (Case Study: Mahallat Province Villages)    Ph.D    moradi, kebria    2018-03-07